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That’s right. And Dr. Burris orthodontist where it is in Kansas, Arkansas. I believe cartons and he wants to give poor people ProVision is ortho office like denti naturale sbiancamento. We want to do it. I that the government says he can’t do it. Can’t do it. We can help poor people think was given the probe is weighted by the way, not sure. I don’t think he and Betty were $99, which is where my contacts which is freaking awesome because way more expensive than they pay full price in my office. By the way what but you can’t give poor people G proteins cheap?” ProVision he’s mad about it. And the reality is what I’ve heard and I’ve heard that it it’s kind of a referral like a leader. He gets affirmative ortho from those patients to soak and I think there’s probably more.

He was really bombastic on Delta on a few my last year, something like that. He definitely feels like general dentists really should be doing much at all and the special should be doing everything sows, one of the one I saw that I was pretty frustrating to me Glendale town where you it was it was pretty fine because he talks other basically both sides of the doubt, saying it out. Oh well, free market. I should be able to do. You know, I give these poor people processes for $99 even though the about better health rates that in my in my ZIP Code. The average property price is $68.

They don’t worry about that. I’m not I should be able to give people trophies for $99 even though I’m not I’m not a general dentist anymore. Primary care to yeah but however these general Dennis for primary care Dennis they should be able to even look at a fraction without my permission. Three and yes discount like related I do know he didn’t the usual attraction amongst the regular folks, but I mean keep their probably a probably certain percentage orthodontist to really enjoy that II got it. They both ends of that scene, like the radical spectrum of the people are, hiding their turf, though not hydrogen for project after but don’t general dentist, feed him primary care Dennis).

This is a triage packet used to pretty much pretty much I probably will. You’re primarily depict the casement and attend to the right place real time, primarily refill a slip out. Thank you very much, there mean that I can live with that. I got an advanced degree that I could do that with Bill that’s an interesting conversation to be had for sure. I haven’t run. I haven’t really run into much of the stuff personally so I guess it’s good the turf protection thing is that even though it was, and came up a couple to there you have the brain trust so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope we enjoyed it after I’m not sure it’s on hoping that we enjoyed I’m holding my hands my temple and looking in the future right now and I can see that we did enjoy it announce insightful and informational. I know right and other descriptive chairs like that. I like that stay vague yet hopeful. I like that this is always the patient’s need is going technically, yes, probably, probably, probably you probably could be wrong to think goodness sakes.

Well, if you have any questions or comments about this episode. Email us at go to Facebook page  and not while you’re thinking of covert iTunes and gratis some stars and then write a short book report about your favorite thing about us and why were awesome. Do not ask much and before long the asking for people to play itself is of themselves listen to the dental habits. It’s only appropriate and will have our dental hack’s hashtag out there in the social media goodness I’m telling you going. I think that’s the plan.

Yes alright so Jason I’m wishing you good luck you find an area enjoy Anaheim two by the way, come out and see me at the CDA and Anaheim blade smoked in days. Check the schedule says he’s got different topics on different days so gone see them Friday. I’ll be talking about local search and Facebook. If you’ve heard of it, and then the other two guys are going to be a bad mishmash of social media goodness observed to come see me coming out. If you don’t come the glasses combines a high meets in the Gaza. Let me know how to get sounds like a good plan. So all right very good value. Have a good time out there. Jason and we would catch you guys next week

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